About Us

Our Farm

Owned by the Newton - King Family since 1932, our farm sits quietly amongst the community of Somerset - West on the high, south facing slopes of the Helderberg Mountains. Only 11ha of vineyards are planted on our 72ha mountain farm. We are a proudly ethically certified farm. And our vineyards, spoilt with deep rich soils, a gentle sea breeze and clean fresh water seem to effortlessly reward us each year with outstanding quality wines.

Our Wines

We are first and foremost farmers.  We sell our grapes to a top Stellenbosch producer.  Each year, especially when the vintage is excellent, we will buy back small quantities of our wine to bottle under our own Kings Kloof label.  As we are extremely selective, we may not bottle certain cultivars each year.  Please refer to our available wines and soon to be released wines below.

Kings Kloof is permitted to operate under current lockdown regulations in terms of the sale of wines on-line. However, no non-core farming visitors are allowed at this time. Nor are wine tasting permitted. In addition, the Kloof Farm House accommodation is not available for rental either, at this time. Advance bookings are welcome.
Kings Kloof is allowed to deliver wines, but there are limitations and restrictions that will apply. We will inform you of these, where relevant when you make your purchases.

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